Donation of recycled clothing

With a donation of recycled clothing to one of Trasborg’s many containers, you are helping to protect the environment. There are a total of 1700 clothing containers distributed throughout the country. You are also helping vulnerable children, as Trasborg supports Red barnet with a fixed amount. Trasborg is a regular partner with Red barnet , and we make containers available free of charge at collections.

Donation of recycled clothing benefits the environment

At Trasborg, our goal is to contribute to sustainable development, and therefore we work hard to achieve zero-waste for all donation of recycled clothing. Protecting the environment is the main theme for us, and we can proudly say that we live up to the comprehensive environmental requirements that are set for companies today.

It is not only the environment that is on our minds, so is ethical and social behavior. Therefore, we take co-responsibility for ensuring that our partners pay their staff reasonably and that they have proper working conditions. We regularly visit our partners to ensure that we can vouch for the conditions. If you make a donation of recycled clothing, you can therefore have confidence that all parts of the further production work under proper conditions.

Qualified employees sort the clothes

After we have received your donation of recycled clothing in a container, the clothing is picked up by our trucks and driven home to the company in Taastrup. In the company, we have modern machines for sorting the clothes using a belt system that runs around the entire hall. See how the sorting works in this video. Our skilled employees sort the clothing according to colors, fashion, quality and customers’ wishes before it is exported to other European countries or to Africa.


The clothes become 240 different products

When you make a donation of recycled clothing, your clothing may end up as a completely different product for the benefit of people in other countries. We accept all donations of recycled clothing.

The collected clothes can be turned into everything from shoes, belts, toys, bags and cloths for industry to duvets, sheets or blankets. It can also turn into used clothes of different qualities. When donating recycled clothing, approximately 95% can be recycled.

Experienced team behind Trasborg

Trasborg is today governed by Steen Trasborg who is in charge of the daily operations. Steen is the 3rd generation of the Trasborg family business and has been running the company for over 40 years. The business can be proud of beeing the scandinavians first company within the industry.

Steens right hand, Ergün Arkin, is the production director and has more than 30 years of experience in recycling of clothes. Ergün and his talented team of dedicated employees are responsible for the daily management of the second-hand clothes. The team handle clothes right from the arrival in the company to packaging and sending to the final destination.