Collection of used clothes

At Trasborg we are specialized in collection of used clothes, which we sort and export to other countries, as our goal is to limit the environmental impact. We are the leading company within used, Danish quality clothes. We were founded in 1917, and Trasborg is thereby also Denmark’s and Scandiniavia’s oldest company in this business.

Sorting of recycled clothes

In our clothes collection, the clothes is sent directly to our modern sorting system. In a complex assembly line, the clothes is transported through our large sorting and production building.

Our many qualified employees have many years of experience. Based on client needs, they sort the clothes, and send it to the modern compress machines, where the clothes is compressed into bales. This accomplishes that our clients can get a lot more clothes transported in the container or truck.


Sorting and packing

Clothes is donated

Used clothes is donated by people that no longer use it.

Clothes is stored

Used clothes is stored in our containers which are located all over the country.

Clothes is collected

We collect the clothes and transport it to the company.


Collected clothes

The collected clothes arrives to Trasborg and the sorting process begins.

Sorting and packing

All the second hand clothes is sorted and packaged. Now it is ready to be send out to the customers.

20% to energy

About 20% of the used clothes can’t be recycled. All the waste is burned and transformed to energy.

Export and donation

Export to europe

The majority of the second hand clothes is exported to different countries in europe.

Export to Africa

A smaller part is exported to Africa.

Donation for 40 years

700.000 DKK to Verdens Børn” content=”For over 40 years we have supported Verdens Børn which is a Danish relief organization. Every year Trasborg donates 700.000 DKK excl. VAT. We also support them by other means in addition to the said amount.

Export to Europe and Africa

The majority of the second hand clothes is exported to different countries in europe. A smaller part is exported to Africa.

We have been thinking green for three generations

Trasborg was established in 1917. Initially the company was dealing with purchase and sale of cloths, wool and quilts.

Since the establishment of the company in 1917 and until today, Trasborg has been in constant development. Today Trasborg the leading company in Scandinavia within used Danish quality clothing. The main product is Danish original collected clothes and sorted second-hand clothes.

Trasborg is today governed by Steen Trasborg who is in charge of the daily operations. Steen is the 3rd generation of the Trasborg family business and has been running the company for over 40 years. The business can be proud of beeing the scandinavians first company within the industry.

At Trasborg we are proud of that we have been thinking green for three generations, and our goal is “Zero Waste”.