Recycling of clothes in denmark

Trasborg was the first company to establish itself in the field of clothing recycling in Denmark. Since the beginning in 1917, there has been a great development, and today the main product is Danish collected recycled clothes and sorted clothes.

Leading in recycling of clothes in Denmark

Today Trasborg the leading company in Scandinavia within used Danish quality clothing. We have 1700 clothing containers placed throughout the country for the collection of recycled clothing, which is exported to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Far East. Trasborg has no intermediaries, but only partners that we are sure we can vouch for.

We do a lot to investigate the employees’ working conditions by regularly  visiting our partners. It is important to us that the employees, for example, receive a proper salary. It is therefore not only about recycling clothes in Denmark, but also about all stages of production being treated on the basis of our vision, which is responsible ethical and social behavior.

Cooperation with Red Barnet

Trasborg also helps taking social responsibility in other areas. Trasborg has become one of Red barnet’s main sponsors, and we donate a larger amount to the organization every year. Red barnet’s work is about protecting, rescuing and strengthening disadvantaged children in Denmark and in the rest of the world.

Together with Red barnet, Trasborg will make household collections of recycled clothing and shoes as well as toys, equipment and furniture. We also make free containers available in connection with collections.

Recycling protects the environment

Recycling of clothes in Denmark helps protecting the environment. Quality and environmental issues have always been important to Trasborg. We want to contribute to sustainable development, and work hard to achieve zero-waste when it comes to recycling clothes in Denmark.

We are therefore a member of the reference group under Nordic Textile Reuse and Recycling Commitment. The group is led by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Waste Group, and we are the only production and collection company in Denmark that has actively participated in the group.

We accept clean and usable recycled clothing

There are no limits to what we accept of clothes and shoes in our containers. We sort based on categories such as color, quality and wishes from customers.

Our experienced employees sort everything in our large hall in Taastrup before it is prepared to be sent abroad. Most of the clothes are exported to other European countries and eventually they can end up as a completely different product.